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About Coach Greg

Coach Greg

In the past 10 years Greg Salciccioli has been privileged to coach leaders in life planning, vision development, team building, strategic growth and priority management. Personal coaching is transformational for people and is becoming the new management method for organizations.

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How To Write Your Own Permission Slip

Greg Salciccioli - Thursday, November 20, 2014

Remember as far back as your high school days, if you can. Slipping out into the empty corridors with a hall pass always felt odd, unusually quiet, if I remember it right. There were no slamming locker doors or bouts of laughter occupying the space. Just silence where there was usually so much chatter.

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10 Ways to Unleash Your Creativity

Greg Salciccioli - Sunday, November 09, 2014

After we rest, we inevitably return back to work. And it's a good thing to have a full tank of gas to move our big ideas forward. Speaking of big ideas, I'd like to discuss what it is for you that sparks innovation, because the world needs more of it. For some, it's an environment, or book, or person that helps spark an idea. What is is for you?

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The Time is Now: Experience Rest

Greg Salciccioli - Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The importance of our health cannot be overstated. Energy is a renewable resource but just like water, it can be depleted, leaving us in a state of crisis without it. In my book The Enemies of Excellence, I introduced the concept of Systematic Renewal. This means deliberately setting aside time for seeking out activities that regenerate the energy we need to stay on track with the demands on our lives.

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The Best Kind of Relationships

Greg Salciccioli - Sunday, September 14, 2014

Much of the success we seek in life begins with our relationships. The people who run in our social circles and show up in our weekend plans are key indicators of the lives we lead. As human beings, we are mirrors. Inevitably, we absorb and reflect the language, behaviors and even mannerisms of those we spend the most time with. This should come as no surprise. Hasn't life always worked this way?

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